Offers for the summer season


Romantic guests who stay in Pupa & Forese room will be able to book a dinner through the home delivery service of “Dolce Emporio”, a boutique run by chef Fabio Barbaglini.
The more underground style guests who spend the night in June & Johnny room may decide to take a tour to discover the Liberty architectural style around the city organized by the accredited guides of “Tre Passi per Firenze”.
Finally, the bohemian guests of Frida & Diego room can become artists with a mini art course, where they will learn the techniques for a portrait or they can improvise street artists by sketching a glimpse of Florence, led by the illustrator Costanza Bausi.
The three experiences are clearly interchangeable!
(For those who choose one of the three extras, a 10% discount will be applied to the room rates, for a minimum of two nights!)

For guests with a romantic soul

Three course menu, by chef Fabio Barbaglini, in collaboration with Dolce Emporio, (shop in San Frediano). Here are the three proposals.

Frími boutique Offerte


An aperitif in the garden, sipping some bubbly and tasting delicious specialties such as smoked salmon, crunchy mother-in-law tongues or a vegetable pate.
Cost € 50.00 with a bottle of organic Prosecco.
Cost € 70.00 with bottle of Champagne Blanc de Blanc.
(The products are delivered already at the ideal temperature and the guests can help themself in total privacy and freedom.)

Ritratto di signora

The guests receive a dish prepared independently, together with all the instructions for making it, as well as a ready-to-taste artisan dessert, a bottle of wine and a bottle of desert wine. A creative way to prepare a delicious dish and end the meal sweetly
Cost € 100.00

Frími boutique Offerte
Frími boutique Offerte

Camera con vista

The final offer includes an aperitif, a couple of dishes, a dessert and two bottles of wine with the assistance from a professional chef for the service. If guests prefer not to have the assistance, the chef will take care of the preparation of the dinner, giving instructions in addition to those that the guest already find written.
cost € 220.00.

For guests with an artistic soul

Led by the illustrator Costanza Bausi, you can choose from a two-hour mini-course in which you will experiment the art of portrait;

Frími boutique Offerte

All this in the delight of the garden! Instead, if architecture attracts you, Costanza will accompany you in a pictoresque spot of the city and will teach you the basics of freehand drawing to represent a glimpse of magnificant Florence (duration about 3 hours).
You will work with a pencil and sketch book, which we will provide you.

Portrait course Cost € 60
Freehand drawing course in the streets of Florence. Cost € 60

Costanza Bausi
Costanza since very young loves to draw guided by her ex-partisan grandfather and artist; after classical studies he approached the world of art by attending the faculty of architecture and various courses in live drawing and painting; he continued his training at the comics school in Florence specializing in the illustration of literary magazines.

For underground style guests

The guides of “Tre passi per Firenze” will lead you to the discovery of strange decorations to which the Florentine Renaissance eye is not accustomed.

Frími boutique Offerte

Tre passi per Firenze

The guides of “Tre passi per Firenze” will lead you in a tour between the historical centre and the twentieth century growth area of Florence. This will include the Liberty architectural style, the literary cafès and the history of the city from that era.
Duration about 2 hours.
Cost € 60 euros.

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